One way that the Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber supports local businesses in our region is through our connections with nonprofit organizations. The strongest communities foster nonprofit organizations that serve the vulnerable and underserved populations living in our midst. That’s because nonprofits create mutually beneficial relationships with businesses in our local community. 

Businesses need nonprofits because it allows an economically sustainable way to support causes with which they align. Nonprofits, in turn, need the support of businesses to keep their doors open. 

The CDA Regional Chamber is proud to have nearly 90 nonprofits as members! Our nonprofits offer help to homeless individuals, those with special needs or mental health challenges, animals, and many more. Nonprofits also provide valuable things like housing and healing to our community members. In cooperation with our business community, they are a key driver of economic growth.

Show Support for Nonprofits 

These important services cannot be sustained without a community supporting them. As we reflect on all we’re thankful for this season. It’s a good time to support the nonprofit organizations you care about. Listed below are just some of the options available to you.


The most basic need all nonprofit organizations face is the need for finances. Keeping staff paid and the lights on free workers to focus on the community’s actual needs rather than worrying about operational costs. 


It’s not all about money! Nonprofit organizations have a significant need for volunteers. While it can be easy to write a check, giving your time is frequently more needed and more rewarding. 

When you give your time, energy, and smiles to those in need, you become personally invested in these people. Many who volunteer in this way feel deeply connected to those they work with and consider it the richest aspect of their lives. In giving your time, you may find that you have instead received the greater gift. 


We invite you to select a cause about which you have a personal connection and ask how you can support them. We as a chamber are happy to help make these connections.

Giving Tuesday (November 29th) is coming up. This is a good time of year to remember what we have been given and to remember those who are in need. Consider donating your time or money to the cause of your choice this Giving Tuesday.

Join Us in Celebrating Nonprofits!

The CDA Chamber invites you to join us for our Upbeat Breakfast, Tuesday, November 8th, at 7 am. We will be privileged to hear from guest speaker Kevin Baily, CEO of the Idaho Nonprofit Center. To find out more or register for this event, click here

We will also be holding our annual meeting, the 110th Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet on Wednesday, December 7th from 6 pm to 8 pm. There, the CDA Chamber will be awarding the nonprofit of the year. Please nominate your favorite nonprofit! You can email your nomination to: (Note: nominees must be chamber members).