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Our Team

Chamber Staff

Linda Coppess




Katie Rose Hargreaves

VP Member Relations



Briana Francis

Program Coordinator



Kerri Jensen

VP Business Development



Ann Wilkey

Part-time Executive Assistant



Joan Ford

Visitor Center Coordinator



Samantha Cordova

Member Engagement Coordinator



Our Mission

To promote, support, and advocate for our members so as to enhance our business environment, assuring for profitability today and prosperity tomorrow.

Our Grand Vision

To be the premier organization creating essential business-to-business marketing and growth opportunities, while providing visionary community leadership, helping to create a synergistic environment where business can thrive and the economy grows.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Formation of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber

According to local historian Robert Singletary, in 1912, a local businessmen’s group called the Commercial Club held a series of meetings with the thought of creating an organization focused on a more serious approach to attracting and creating business for the growing community. The most important meeting was held aboard the steamboat Colfax while it cruised Lake Coeur d’Alene. The scenic ride resulted in the formation of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce and hence continued a tradition of mixing business with pleasure.

About- Mixing Business with Pleasure

The Values That Drive Our Organization


Future Focused

By thinking in the long-term, taking a big-picture approach, and being an originator of change, you can be a catalyst for change rather than a reactionary responder. As a result, we will incorporate all community stakeholders in policy development and serve as a catalyst for collaboration.

Member Committed

Member Committed

Maintain a flexible, responsive organization that caters to the different needs of our members. Engage our members in specific topics and activities so that we may work together to meet the needs of business and the community.

Excellence Driven

Excellence Driven

Commit to delivering high-quality products, events, and programming, and hold ourselves accountable for doing what is right, honest, ethical, and economically prudent.