Our community is facing a critical threat – the risk of loss of NIC’s accreditation. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) is expected to issue its decision on the show cause sanction by the end of July. Loss of accreditation for NIC would have devastating consequences for North Idahoans, making higher education costlier and harder to access. Additionally, our local job market would suffer a severe blow as the business community relies heavily on NIC for an educated and skilled workforce. 

We have all read about the issues for months. No issues about the academic experiences of students at NIC are of concern. The NWCCU’s concerns stated in the Show Cause letter relate to board governance and institutional integrity, specifically the Board of Trustees. It is time for our business leaders to get vocal and do everything we can to ensure our beloved NIC is here for decades to come! We have the power to use our voices to help. We did a great job uniting to ensure that our public school levies passed and now we have one last chance to step up and help NIC.  As business owners and chamber members, we are asking you to join us and show your unwavering support for NIC, ensuring its accreditation remains intact and our community continues to thrive. 

The Facts:

  • 80% of NIC students are Idaho residents
  • NIC has disbursed over $13 million in financial aid, with 82% of students dependent on it.
  • Financial aid and scholarships require accreditation, making it crucial to preserve NIC’s status for the young people in our community.
  • Economic modeling by the Coeur d’Alene Economic Development Council suggests loss of accreditation could potentially result in the potential loss of 1300(-1300) fewer jobs.

NIC Matters for North Idaho:

NIC is all about providing a great, high-quality education that sets our students up for success. They offer affordable education that benefits local students, families, and employers. Kootenai County taxpayers see the value and support NIC because it helps the economy grow.

Take Action Now:

The Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber is calling all business and community leaders! Help show your support for preserving NIC’s accreditation. In the next two weeks, we are hoping to secure 1,000 names of business leaders, community leaders, parents, and students who stand in support of maintaining accreditation. Please sign our petition here. Signing up will add your name to all of the print and digital ads and promotional materials that will go out between now and the end of July.

For more information on NIC accreditation and its importance for Idahoans, click here or email us at connect@cdachamber.com.