We’re already two months into 2022.  While the New Year’s resolutions may have worn off for most, new goals and milestones are continually emerging at the CDA Regional Chamber. Our members are speaking, and we are listening. New leadership, new plans for growth, and new strategies for maximizing member value are on the horizon – and we are just getting started.


New Leadership, New Energy

At the end of last year, the chamber experienced a shift in leadership. Our community was so gracious in welcoming me as the new President & CEO.  With the support of our wonderful community, I plan to leverage my background managing teams and building connections to optimize membership advantage, especially given the momentous growth our region is experiencing. 

Coeur d’Alene is growing at an unprecedented pace, and our business community is growing with it.  With growth, comes necessary adaptation – something the Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber wants to facilitate for all businesses in our area.


Adapting To Growth

So far this year, the CDA Regional Chamber has implemented exciting changes to help meet the demands of our expanding membership base.  In the world today, business leaders have limited time as well as unlimited choices to engage. They have come to expect captivating and informative in-person events that also bring increased opportunities to create meaningful connections within their community.  In an effort to earn both mindshare and trust, the chamber has engaged nearly 500 attendees through our first 3 events so far – events that featured regional thought leaders on the topics of mental health, economic forecast and labor markets.  These highly relevant discussions are providing tangible benefits to our members as evidenced by the 113% increase in attendance over the same events last year.


Expanding YOUR Digital Reach

Besides a plethora of upcoming in-person events on the calendar, the CDA Regional Chamber has made one big change that will further facilitate new connections.  We have launched a new, integrated marketing strategy that is proving to be effective in promoting our members in the digital space.  

Through brand-cohesive, optimized social media posts, stories, and tagging, the chamber is connecting digitally with our membership base like never before.  The CDA Regional Chamber Connection email newsletter, in combination with these social networking strategies, has increased the chamber’s digital reach by 71% so far this year!


Working Together – For Each Other

Increased digital reach means more exposure for members – something the chamber has resolved to execute boldly in 2022.  

Our goal is to make chamber membership an undeniably valuable experience for our amazing members, and we can only do that because of our amazing members! It’s a truly magical formula that cultivates success for everyone involved, and it seems to be extra special for us here in the Coeur d’Alene region.

If you have been a member for years, things are only getting better.  If you are considering becoming a member, there is no better time than now to join our regional community. 

Our mission is truly our members. Each month, we will highlight a different Insider Advantage. This is our opportunity to showcase our mission in action. For March, we’re focusing on leadership!  As businessmen and women, we know that great leaders drive transformational change. Join us as we learn about what makes a great leader, how to grow to become a better leader, and how we can help inspire the next generation of great leaders at our monthly Upbeat Breakfast!


UPBEAT BREAKFAST – Tuesday, March 8th at 7:00am

Interested in attending? Register here!