It’s been said that “August is like the Sunday of summer”, and as this season of fun-in-the-sun makes way for back-to-school shopping, we cannot help but reflect on just how valuable our local schools are to our business community.

Many unfortunately separate the two – considering school and business just two proverbial steps in the staircase of life.  At the Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber, we view it differently.  We believe that schools and business go hand in hand – that one mutually fuels the other, and does so with a profound generational impact.


Making A Difference Locally 

You may recall our Top Scholars event this past Spring. We were so proud that local business leaders came forward to donate $104,000 in scholarship funds to local students for higher education. In doing so, young students become empowered to grow into qualified contributors to our local workforce.

We have a great responsibility to each other. Just as our workforce empowers our students to succeed, our students fuel our workforce when they become our future employees and local community leaders. That’s why supporting education is of profound importance.


Get Involved!

There are several ways that we can actualize our support for education at the local level. This month, it’s particularly important to vote. August 30th’s ballot will have a School Safety and Maintenance Levy on it, and the district is counting on the people’s vote to protect one of our most important local investments – our youth. 

If your heart is poised to volunteer, consider joining the chamber’s Education Committee. This committee of dedicated individuals is responsible for efforts like the Top Scholars Program that gives directly back to the students and our annual New Educators Reception, which welcomes local educators into our community. 

Staying abreast of local initiatives that support education is another way that everyone can remain involved in the cause. Our schools and educators – at the public, private, homeschool, and post-secondary levels – are all pouring into students to help equip the leaders and workforce of tomorrow. By supporting them, we’re supporting the future of our local businesses.


Connect With Us!

Join us tomorrow, Monday, August 15th at 4PM for a ribbon cutting at our region’s newest educational institution – Elevate Academy North. There is no cost to attend, and you can join several local businesses as we welcome a new school to the community. Please join us! Together, we plan to build a powerful relationship between schools and business – one that will have a lasting impact on our region and beyond.