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About the CDA Chamber



To promote, support, and advocate for our members so as to enhance our business environment, assuring for profitability today and prosperity tomorrow.



To be the premier organization creating essential business-to-business marketing and growth opportunities, while providing visionary community leadership, helping to create a synergistic environment where business can thrive and the economy grows.



Future Focused

To provide catalytic leadership by looking at the long term, big picture and being an instigator of change rather than a reactionary responder. In doing so, we will embrace all community policy stakeholders and serve as the catalyst for collaboration.

Member Committed

Maintain a flexible, responsive organization that is inclusive of our diverse membership. Engage our members on focused issues and initiatives so as to collaboratively serve business and community needs.  

Excellence Driven

Commit to producing quality products, events and programming, and measure our results by what is right, honest, ethical and fiscally responsible.  


To assist organizations who are involved with job generation and economic growth, such as: CDA EDC, the Department of Commerce and Labor, ignite cda, PAC, the Innovation Collective, Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium, North Idaho Building Contractors Association, and others.

By embracing all segments of our membership, we will create and
operate numerous programs that actively engage members, allowing for
the promotion of their products and services through
business to business marketing opportunities.

Support our
Coeur d’Alene Convention
and Visitors Bureau (CVB)
in tourism marketing,
promotion, and provide
visitor services at our
visitor centers.

Intentionally seek new
members and engage
current members that
represent the population
shifts and cultural diversity
of our growing and
changing community.

Develop and voice
public policy positions
that advocate for the
business interest of
our members and
enhance the quality
of life for all.

Actively extoll the
positive ramifications
of a vibrant and
growing economy
driven by local
diversified business

Operate and/or promote
programs that provide
educational information of value
to our members, provide leadership
opportunities, connect members to
the community, and assist in analysis
of key community issues.

Take an active role
in planning and promoting
quality economic growth and
community development by engaging
our city and county leadership,
while playing an active role
in CDA 2030.

Manage with fiscal
responsibility to
ensure stability of
the organization
and the
cost effective
delivery of services.

Advocate for the
development and
sustainability of a quality
appropriately skilled workforce
that meet the needs of
our members today and
into the future.

To be a catalyst
for collaboration,
striving to achieve
consensus on
shared community
values and

Engage in programs,
events and activities
that create financial
gains for the Chamber,
helping to keep member
dues investment to
a minimum.

Proactively communicate
with our membership
regularly, openly and often
regarding all programs,
activities and positions.
Thus, providing community

administrative and
assistance to
whose missions
complement ours.

Incorporate the importance of global markets
in our programming and activities.

Take an active role in enhancing the educational
opportunities in our community.

Continue to expand our digital footprint.