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Coeur d'Alene & Post Falls Chambers of Commerce

Public Policy Priorities

The primary mission of Chambers of Commerce is to advocate for an environment that ensures the health and prosperity of the community through strong and healthy businesses.  Part of that advocacy occurs through guidance to our government leaders, and seeking Tax policies and a regulatory environment that supports opportunities for growth, jobs creation, profitability and that strengthen the economic vitality of Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls and the surrounding region.

We strongly advocate for the elimination of governing policies that unnecessarily restrict the free flow of commerce and industry, vital to the creation and retention of jobs ensuring further economic prosperity.

Our chambers support governing policies that protect our environment and quality of life while sustaining a business climate that nourishes economic growth and sustainable management of our natural resources through stewardship that effectively supports our natural resource industry and sustains the health of our public lands.

2018 Position Statements of the Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls Chambers

The Chambers support a reduction in the tax burden on businesses in Idaho. Gradually lowering income tax rates can assist in the retention and expansion of existing businesses, as well as in recruitment of new businesses.

The Chambers support the simplification and reduction of the personal property tax.

Both Chambers continue to support legislation granting local units of government authority to adopt local option taxes that are voter approved for specific local projects, with cost estimates, timelines and sunset clauses. The ability to address local needs with locally approved tax revenue is critical to the continued growth and economic viability of our communities.

The Chambers support the collection of sales taxes on purchases from consumers in Idaho whether from brick and mortar businesses or over the internet.

The Chambers continue to support the use of the state’s Urban Renewal Law as an effective and flexible economic development tool that has proven essential in the expansion and improvement of public infrastructure and job generation.

Both Chambers are solid advocates for workforce development initiatives and fully support continued and increased emphasis on career and technical education, and skills certification. We support the rapid implementation of the recommendations outlined in the Governor’s Workforce Development Taskforce report of June 2017.

We support the recommendations of the Governor’s Taskforce on Higher Education that address the need to reduce costs & improve all the pathways, from industry-based certifications to advanced degrees, to achieving a meaningful career, and the creation and adoption of a “competency-based system”.

The Chambers support the continued efforts regarding Reading Readiness initiatives, and encourage pre-K funding exploration. We continue to support school choice, STEM education, mentorship initiatives, career advisory programs and experiential learning opportunities.

We firmly believe that the State must explore and implement funding solutions that adequately address the pressing backlog of maintenance issues facing our State’s transportation infrastructure. During the last session, additional funding solutions were addressed, yet the needs are ever increasing. We must also begin planning for the implementation of new projects that are necessary to meet future transportation needs such as the proposed Huetter by-pass and the widening of I-90 through CDA to the Washington state line. Providing a consistent source of funding for the maintenance and improvement of our transportation systems will enable our existing businesses to compete and grow and enhance our opportunities for new business.

Both Chambers recognize the considerable challenges in finding acceptable solutions to reducing health care costs, reducing the costs of insurance coverage and in providing access to care for a greater number of citizens. We also are strong advocates for the State taking a leadership role in passing legislation now that will begin to address these critical areas. We support Idaho solutions to Idaho issues and are encouraged by ideas that can increase competition, provide transparency, reduce costs & increase access. A viable healthcare program will enable our State and our counties to eliminate the outdated indigent care funds that cost millions of tax dollars each year, and allow all of our citizens and small businesses access to adequate and viable health care options.