Coeur d'Alene Chamber of Commerce

Steve  Wilson
P: 208.415.0104
E: Steve(at)

Ginger Dalvini
Manager of Finance and Operations
P: 208.415.0108
E: Ginger(at)

Committees: Board of Directors, Executive/Finance, Education, Natural Resources

Brenda Young
Program & Events Manager
P: 208.415.0110
E: Brenda(at)

Committees: Business Development, Leadership Coeur d'Alene, Public Policy and Workforce Taskforce

Marilee Wallace, IOM
Vice President Membership
P: 208.415.0111
E: Marilee(at)

Committee: Membership Outreach

Teree Taylor
P: 208.292.1644
E: Teree(at)

Hayden Mari
Communications Design Assistant
P: 208.415.0115
E: Hayden(at)

Scott Ward
Race Director
Coeur d'Alene Triathlon & Duathlon
P: 509.979.1018

Dani Zibell-Wolfe
Ironman Volunteer Coordinator
P: 509.979.2454

Diane Higdem
Commodore & Events Coordinator
P: 208.292.1635
E: Diane(at)

Committee: Commodores

    Coeur d'Alene CVB and Visitors Center

Katherine Coppock
Convention and Visitor Bureau Manager
P: 208.415.0114
E: Katherine(at)

Committee: Coeur d'Alene Convention and Visitor Bureau

Joan Ford
Visitors Center Coordinator
E: Info(at)

Bev Davis
Huetter Visitor Center Assistant
P: 208.769.1537
E: Beverlee(at)

    Coeur d'Alene Downtown Association

Terry Cooper
Downtown Association Manager
P: 208.667.5986
E: Terry(at)

Emily Boyd
Downtown Association
Events Coordinator
P: 208.415.0116
E: Emily(at)

    Coeur d'Alene Arts & Culture Alliance

Ali Shute
Executive Director
P: 208.292.1629
E: ali(at)

    North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation

Position Vacant
North Idaho
Centennial Trail Foundation Manager
P: 208.292.1634