Mission, Goals, Strategic Plan - 2012-2014

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Stategic-Plan-2012-2014.jpgOur Grand Vision:

To be the premier business organization providing leadership to our community.

Our Mission:

To promote, support, and advocate for our members, strengthen the economic climate of the Coeur d'Alene Area, and further the free enterprise system.

Our Values:

  • Leadership: Providing visionary leadership by looking at the big picture and the long term in formulating policies and positions.
  • Diverse: Welcoming the involvement and participation of all peoples in our programs and activities and recognizing the benefits that such involvement brings to the organization.
  • Proactive: Positioning the Chamber to positively and creatively respond to challenges and opportunities.
  • Collaborative: Partnering with stakeholders in addressing common issues and opportunities throughout our region.
  • Responsive: Maintaining a flexible and responsive organizational structure so that we can quickly change activities or programs to serve the needs of our members in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Inclusive: Serving and representing all our member businesses without a focus on any one size of business, geographic area, or industry sector.
  • Business Driven: Acting always in the best interests of our members.
  • Excellence: Conducting all activities so as to bring credit to our community and our members.

Strategic Objectives

  • Create and enhance programs, projects and activities that help our member businesses thrive and prosper;
  • Expand the Chamber’s Public Policy activities to become the collective voice of our members;
  • Organize programs and activities that enhance our community’s economic vitality and quality of life;
  • Manage the Chamber in a fiscally responsible manner to ensure the financial stability of the organization and the cost effective delivery of services to our members.
  • Promote Coeur d'Alene as a tourism destination through event creation and organization and brand marketing.

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