Buy North Idaho - Create Mojo


We're asking the community to consider buying locally when making purchases. Support our local businesses - the store, banker, credit union, restaurant or architect down the street.

Our Members support the Buy North Idaho campaign through their investment in the Coeur d'alene Chamber of Commerce. Whether you're looking for a sign maker, coffee shop, tires or something different, you're buying locally when you support fellow members. So take the 360 Degree "Mojo" Pledge and make a commitment to Community!


Campaign Goals

- Keep Your Neighbors Working
- Keep Our Local Economy Strong
- Keep Our Community Strong
- Keep Recycling Your Dollar MORE

Participate Today!
Contact Steve Wilson at Steve(at)

Visit the links on the right side of this page to:

  • Download our Buy North Idaho Flyer and post in your place of business.
  • Get a variety of our official Buy N.I. logos to use in your marketing materials and website.
  • Download and print the Branding Standards which apply the best practices for effectiveness and usage of Buy North Idaho media materials. Adherence to these standards is of the utmost importance.
  • Check out our Buy N.I. Partners page and find out how to become a partner and help your community Create Mojo (MOre JObs).
  • Just what are Cash Mobs? Visit our link and find out.